What is Cooking Spray?

Ray Cooking spray is the product which helps you cook your daily regular food with 10 Times less oil.

Essentially, cooking spray is just oil in a spray can, which when sprayed on the pan prevents from the food from sticking on it and helps in cooking it in comparatively less oil.


The main advantage of cooking spray can is it is very easy to handle and use, unlike other oil containers from which oil gets spilled very often. Spray cans ensure that the oil doesn’t stick to the pan while cooking or sautéing the food. While a pat of butter or tablespoon of oil does the same job, these add more fat and calories than you might want in your dish.

Health Benefits

Replacing the traditional cooking oil can with cooking spray can help in cutting down calories immensely. Whether it is cooking your every day meal or baking or grilling, the calorie count is reduced by almost half of that of the traditional cooking oil cans. Reduced calorie count further helps in maintaining your weight and also helps in keeping the blood sugar levels, cholesterol and diabetes under control. Thus, you can maintain a healthier lifestyle without actually cutting down anything from your diet.


Most of the cooking sprays come in different variants like Canola, Olive Oil, Rice bran etc. Out of which Olive Oil is the most heart healthy option having high smoke point as compared to the rest of the variants. This is beneficial when it comes to cooking Indian Cuisine as most of the dishes are cooked at high temperature and for long durations due to which most oils reach their smoke point and release carcinogenic compounds in the food which are very harmful for the health. Canola oil is another heart healthy option. However there are some controversial claims indicating that it’s highly processed oil and the crop being genetically modified.

Can cook different types of food

Apart from cooking the main course meals, cooking sprays are also useful in preparing variety of dishes such as appetizers, small time snacks. It can also be used for air frying purposes, as it requires very less amount of oil. Also, Olive Oil spray can also help in the salad dressing purposes.

To summarize, cooking spray definitely helps in reducing the oil intake and the subsequent calories consumption. However it is necessary to give a glance at the ingredients before zeroing on any particular brand and it’s variant.

Source: Ray Cooking Spray Blog

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